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"Taste-D-Burger is an excellent reminder that sometimes, you don't need fancy gourmet ingredients in exotic dishes - sometimes, you just want simple, easy food that tastes amazing. This truck has that down perfectly. The menu is as straightforward as it gets. Single, double, and triple burgers, all the classic toppings, and french fries.  Nothing particularly special...until you notice the option to get the your burgers done taste-d style. What is taste-d style? It's burger topped with cheese, coleslaw, and bbq sauce.. And it's completely delicious. Seriously, one of the best burgers I've had in a while. Unless you're on a diet (in which case, what are you doing at a burger truck?) you'll want to get at least the double burger. The patties are thin, but they're done just right - juicy on the inside and just a little crispy around the edges. The taste-d toppings push it straight into comfort-food heaven - it's got crunch from the coleslaw, tang from the bbq, salt and creaminess from the cheese, all held together by burger meat. Fantastic. There's not a lot of mystery here, but there's still something special."
- Catherine W.

 "Had the specialty triple burger and fries. Folks, I'm serious when I say this, one of the BEST burgers I 've had. Grilled in the Steak-N-Shake fashion with American cheese, creamy slaw and BBQ sauce. Prices were fair and service was prompt."
-Jim Phillips

 "I've gotten great feedback on the meals. Our staff LOVED the food and your pricing!" -Tighe Hall-Williams

"The burger was fantastic." -Kim Benack Kaikkonen

"[My daughter] Olivia and I had our first Taste-D-Burger today! They were fabulous... Olivia said the fries are better than McDonalds!!!" -Cathy Hanson Turner

"Yummy burger!" -Stephanie Suiter Skaggs

"Had a GREAT burger today. Looking forward to seeing you again." -Greg Beye

"Their slogan is right, "Tastiest flippin' burgers on the planet!" -Karen Bishop

"It was delish!" -Shari Brocker Zychinski

"I got the last bruger of the day!! A M A Z I N G." -Jennifer Newell

"Taste-D-Burger...my favorite STL burger!" -Christina Millerbaugh

"I had a Taste-D triple today...yum!" -Beverly Baker Tomko  

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